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Paddys Odyssey – The NFT For 2023!



addys odyssey is the premium Irish NFT collection of 2023

This NFT Collection Is Dedicated To The Irish Diaspora And Celebrates The Millions Of Irish Abroad. The Irish Diaspora Refers To The Widespread Dispersion Of People Of Irish Ancestry And Heritage Throughout The World. This Dispersal Began With The Great Famine Of The Mid-19th Century, When Millions Of Irish People Emigrated Due To Poverty And Famine, And Continued Throughout The 20th Century. Today, The Irish Diaspora Is Estimated To Number Over 80 Million People Globally.

This Is A Multi-Generational Project On The Ethereum Blockchain. The first collection starts in the 1930’s. Paddy has firmly established himself at this point and is starting to influence the way things are run. Paddys are depicted in a wide range of roles, from Doctors to Gangsters and even as a politician. This is a very exclusive mint, with only 1847 being available.


Excitement levels are very high with this project, due to the diversity of the project and the application of real-world assets to a cryptocurrency project.

The marketplace and ecosystem will be driven by their native token, the Pot Of Gold (POG) token.

One Of the Cornerstones Of Our Project Is Providing Exclusive Access To A Holiday Home/Summer Cottage In One Of The Many Beautiful Coastal Regions In Ireland.

ALL Hodlers of A Paddy Have A Chance To Enjoy This. Though OGs Will Have First Preference On Times. OGs Will Also Get A 50% Discount On Minting Day.

There Will Also Be Staking Opportunities For Paddys Hodlers, An Exclusive Space In Our Discord Server For Further Discussion On Project Development and much more!

  • Highlights include:
  • Exclusive mint (Only 1847)
  • Access to our community Irish Cottage
  • DAO for all holders
  • POG Token (15% given to the community via our Discord)
  • Staking
  • Revenue sharing from cottage rental

Check out our website and social media accounts. Don’t forget to join us on Discord for exclusive members only giveaways!

Website: https://paddysodyssey.com/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Paddys_Odyssey

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